A House of Dignity for Domestic Workers

Domestic workers, defined at EU level under the term “Personal and Household Services (PHS) workers” amount to approximately 9.5 million in Europe, representing almost 5% of EU-27 total employment. Composed primarily of women, they are an integral part of the care economy. They work every day to give us the opportunity to enjoy a decent work-life balance, come home to a clean environment and meet the care for our beloved ones Yet, they often lack recognition in most member states, are deprived of fundamental workers’ rights including health and safety standards and collective bargaining, and do not benefit from to social security and social protection.

With the campaign ‘A House of Dignity for Domestic Workers’ EFFAT, The European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions, has identified what the EU can do in real terms to change their dire reality. Because domestic work is work and must be valued.










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Position paper
EFFAT Demands: What can the EU do to improve domestic workers’ conditions  
EFFAT position on the EU care Strategy

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