CALL FOR TENDER > Building trade union capacity in hospitality-tourism to enable a stronger sectoral social dialogue “Stronger Hospitality”

Jul 17, 2023 | Call for Tender

We are pleased to inform that the project entitled “Building trade union capacity in hospitality-tourism to enable a stronger sectoral social dialogue” (“Stronger Hospitality”) has been accepted by the European Commission.

The aim of the project is to develop a vision and a strategy that will ensure and promote a sustainable and socially responsible hospitality/tourism sector in Europe through stronger sectoral social dialogue and more collective agreements.

The project will look at how to:

  • Address low trade union density and to strengthen trade unions in the hospitality-tourism sector
  • Mobilise young workers in the sector to join trade unions and participate in sectoral social dialogue at European and national level
  • Increase EFFAT representativeness in the hospitality/tourism sector

EFFAT is looking for an external expert to assist the EFFAT Secretariat in carrying out desk research in the hospitality/tourism sector in Europe to map the following:

  • Density and membership of trade unions
  • Membership of young workers
  • Status of sectoral social dialogue in the hospitality/tourism sector
  • Existence of collective agreements at sectoral and company level

The research will identify the challenges EFFAT affiliates face with regards to organising and recruiting members in the sector to stimulate growth and build trade union power, organising young workers, engaging in social dialogue, and concluding collective agreements.
Together with the EFFAT Secretariat, the expert will conduct interviews, survey, and desk research to gather facts and information from our member organisations, but also non-members.

In addition, the expert will produce dissemination material such as a:

  • Leaflet on sectoral social dialogue to increase knowledge about EFFAT and the work done in European sectoral social dialogue
  • Handbook for effective social dialogue in the hospitality/tourism sector
  • Final report with recommendations on how trade unions in the hospitality/tourism sector across Europe can increase membership and strengthen collective bargaining and social dialogue at national level.

A full description of the objectives, conditions, required expertise and skills, and time schedule can be found here.

Offers should be sent by email to Kristjan Bragason ( with Virginie Demoucron ( and Priya Klinkenberg ( in copy by 1 October 2023 at the latest.

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