Europe numbers one million agricultural employers who provide work to over 7 million workers. With 15 million farm holdings, in which over 40 million people work, the agriculture sector makes a vital contribution to healthy nutrition, and still plays a key role in the economic, environmental and social policies in Europe. EFFAT activities in the agriculture sector include promoting a sustainable Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), safeguarding employment and fair pay in rural areas, and further developing social dialogue in order to improve working conditions in this sector.

Political Secretary: Arnd Spahn –
President: Valentina Vasilyonova (FNSZ, Bulgaria)
Vice Presidents: Emilio Térron Ruiz (FICA-UGT, Spain) & Riikka Vasama (TEOLLISUUSLIITTO, Finland)

EFFAT adopts position for a new vision on labour mobility

EFFAT adopts position for a new vision on labour mobility

On 1 June 2021 EFFAT held its second and very participated Executive Committee meeting of the year. During a fruitful, day-long discussion with affiliates, the Executive committee adopted an EFFAT position paper on labour mobility and migration (EN). EFFAT sectors...

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