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EFFAT represents the interests of over 4.5 million workers across Europe in the food and drink sector. As the largest in Europe, this is a key EU area in terms of workforce, innovation and high quality products. The EFFAT mission is to fight social dumping and reach fair pay and decent working conditions. Through its active participation in the social dialogue at European level, EFFAT negotiates agreements with European employers’ organisations that aim to improve workers’ conditions

Political Secretary: Wiebke Warneck – w.warneck@effat.org
President: Ole Whelast (NNF, Denmark)
Vice-presidents: Sophie Serrurier (FGTB HORVAL, Belgium) & Sebastian Serena (UGT-FICA, Spain)

A spotlight on food chain workers: ETUI HesaMag#23 out today

A spotlight on food chain workers: ETUI HesaMag#23 out today

Today the European Trade Union Institute ( ETUI) , in collaboration with EFFAT, has released the latest HesaMag #23, the ETUI publication about health and safety at work, released twice a year, in English and French. This edition offers an insight into the daily lives...

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