EFFAT Congress

Bringing together over 350 participants from 34 countries across the European agriculture, food, and tourism sectors, EFFAT held its fifth Congress on 6-7 November 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia under the slogan ‘Organise. Fight. Win. A Recipe for a Stronger EFFAT’.

The Congress discussed the shared challenges facing workers and trade unions throughout the EFFAT sectors, including the rise in inequality, in-work poverty and precarious work, the relentless progression of digitalisation, and the enormous destructive potential of climate change. Delegates heard passionate pleas for workplace justice, calls to action and examples of best practice from colleagues across the continent.

Collectively, Congress determined EFFAT’s approach for the next five years, defining its key priorities and action plan, as well as electing its new oversight and executive bodies. EFFAT will now move forward stronger and more united in its fight for a Europe in which workers from farm to fork can benefit from full social and employment rights, decent jobs and fair pay without the risk of unfair competition, corporate greed or workplace harassment and abuse.

To access all the Congress 2019 outcomes please visit the Congress website here


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Congress 2019