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September 24


10:00 am - 03:30 pm

Event Category:

Catering, Catering, Social Dialogue, Tourism


To all EFFAT Member Organisations in the Tourism Sector

Dear Colleagues,

The next plenary meeting of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the European Contract Catering Sector will take place on Friday, 24/9/2021.

The meeting is scheduled from 10 am to 3.30 pm

  • 10 am to 11 am                 EFFAT pre-meeting: (with interpretation)
  • 11 am to 12 pm                 EFFAT-FSE joint plenary meeting
  • 12 pm to 1.30 pm             Break
  • 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm          Continuation EFFAT-FSE joint plenary meeting

Main items on the agenda are:

  • EU “Buying Social” Guide: Presentation by Ms Anna Lupi (DG GROW)
  • Roundtable on the future of work in contract catering in the B&I sector, in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the increase in remote working
  • Roundtable on sexual harassment and violence in the contract catering sector
  • Next Tourism Generation Alliance Project

Attached you will find the official invitation and agenda. Further working documents will be sent in the running up to the meeting.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided: active EN, FR, DE, ES, passive: IT, DA.

Please confirm your participation as soon as possible, by 20 September 2021 at the latest. Even though this will be a videoconference meeting, the Commission does need the list of participants for reporting purposes.

The meeting will be run via an online conferencing system set up and organised by the European Commission. Participants will receive more information on how to connect to the online meeting in due time, as we are awaiting further instructions from the EC.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EFFAT Secretariat.

Looking forward to see you all back virtually!

With kind regards,




  • To the participants of the SSDC Contract Catering Plenary
  • For information to all EFFAT Member Organisations in the Tourism Sector

Dear colleagues,

We hereby thank you all for your broad interest in the EFFAT-FoodServiceEurope SSDC Plenary meeting on Friday, 24 September 2021.

The meeting is scheduled from 10 am to 3.30 pm

  • EFFAT pre-meeting: 10 to 10.50 am
  • EFFAT-FSE joint plenary meeting: 11 am to 3.30 pm

Enclosed you will find the working documents for the meeting:

Some of the working documents and other relevant background documents are available in other language versions here:

  • EFFAT-FoodServiceEurope Guide “Choosing best value in contracting food services – A guide for private and public client organisations”: https://contract-catering-guide.org/ in EN FR DE ES FIN IT NL PT HU
    • Report “Fighting sexual harassment and violence at work in the agriculture, food, tourism and domestic work sectors” in EN FR DE
    • EFFAT recommendations to protect workers from sexual harassment and violence in EN FR DE ES IT NL PT SE TR HR

The videoconference will be run via INTERACTIO, an online conferencing system set up and organised by the European Commission, with interpretation provided into: active EN, FR, DE, ES, and passive IT, DA.

Both meetings are accessible via the following INTERACTIO link to be used only with Google Chrome: https://broadcaster.interactio.eu/join/ufhx-u9gt-uvny

We kindly ask all participants to run a test and check their quality of sound in INTERACTIO just before joining the meeting. The online meeting platform will be open 20 minutes before the start of the meeting, so we can assist everyone to obtain access, allowing us to start the meeting in time. Attached you will also find some important guidance/information on the use of this platform. Please take the time to read them as it will be very useful for the smooth running of the meeting.

Here some initial instructions:

  1. Copy the INTERACTIO link https://broadcaster.interactio.eu/join/ufhx-u9gt-uvny in your Google Chrome browser
  1. Enter your email address, click “next”; then your first name and your last name, click “let’s go”.
  1. Click “allow” twice to allow access to your microphone and camera when promoted.
  1. Click on “join” to join the meeting. You are now connected.
  1. Select your preferred language for the meeting from the Audio channel selector.

You have the choice between the original language (floor) or the languages for which interpretation is provided: active EN, FR, DE, ES / passive DA IT

See you soon!


For more information, please contact e.libbrecht@effat.org