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Kremlin’s Invasion of Ukraine – EFFAT initiatives for Peace

Mar 30, 2022 | Featured

As the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine unfolds and Russian shells and bombs continue to explode in Ukrainian residential neighborhoods, hospitals, universities, and among innocent civilians, EFFAT has joined the trade union movement and mobilised in support of our Ukrainians Brothers and Sisters.

Here below you can find a list of initiatives that EFFAT and trade unions have taken to express their firm opposition to this atrocious act of invasion and send solidarity to all people involved. All affiliates are warmly encouraged to inform the EFFAT Secretariat about any further initiative, action or statement taken up in support of the workers and people affected by the War.

We also invite our Coordinators in TNCs-EWCs  to share with us any initiative adopted at company level, including statements and solidarity messages.

While the events unfold, EFFAT will seek all possible ways to get involved to ensure the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops and the restoration of peace to Ukraine.

EFFAT Executive Committee resolution: Unprecedent actions are needed to prevent the terrifying prospect of a global food crisis [13-14 June 2022] | Link
EFFAT statement [11 March 2022] | Link
EFFAT Conclusion of the 31 March 2022 meeting:  Assessing the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Agri-food sector [4 April 2022]Link

Social Dialogue Initiatives

  • Hospitality Sector: EFFAT – HOTREC  Joint Statement [16 March 2022 ] | Link
  • Agri-Food Sector: EFFAT – GEOPA – FoodDrinkEurope Joint Statement [ 29 March 2022 ] | Link

European Level

  • ETUC Peace Watch Initiatives
  • ETUC latest Ukraine resolution [ 16, 17 March 2022 ] | Link
  • Trade Unions March against the War [15 March 2022]
  • ETUC Rally for Peace [ 24 February 2022 ]
  • ETUFs Recommendations to EWC Coordinators [March 2022] | DEEN | FR | ESPIT  | PT | PL

 International Level

  • IUF statement [24 February 2022] – Link
  • IUF Strategic Leadership Committee (SLC) [21 March 2022]: During the last emergency meeting, the IUF SLC discussed some extraordinary measures including the request advanced by the Ukrainian IUF affiliated trade unions to exclude the Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) from the ITUC and the Agro-Industrial Workers Union in Russia (AIWUR) from the IUF.
  • IUF Solidarity Fund:
    Beneficiary Name: UITA-IUF-IUL || Rampe du Pont-Rouge 8 – 1213 Petit-Lancy – Switzerland ||
    SWIFT/BIC code: BCLRCHBB || IBAN: CH37 0844 0250 3627 4204 1 ||
  • ITUC – ETUC Solidarity Fund [Link]

Company Level

CCEP EWC Solidarity Statement | Link
CCHBC Solidarity Statement |  Link





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