EFFAT adopts position for a new vision on labour mobility

On 1 June 2021 EFFAT held its second and very participated Executive Committee meeting of the year. During a fruitful, day-long discussion with affiliates, the Executive committee adopted an EFFAT position paper on labour mobility and migration (EN).

EFFAT sectors largely depend on the work of mobile and migrant workers who make up a significant proportion of those harvesting our fields, packing, and processing our food, as well as those cleaning our houses and allowing the hospitality sector to run.

EFFAT position underpins a European vision on labour mobility and migration, based on social justice, equality, solidarity, and the respect for human dignity. Considering their essential role in society, EFFAT advocates for full equal treatment and the introduction of several measures that could improve the situation of seasonal and other mobile and migrant workers in Europe.

EFFAT calls for new EU binding measures that, inter alia, ensure decent and affordable housing conditions for all mobile and migrant workers; the regulation of the role of subcontracting and placement agencies; the establishment of common standards for effective labour inspections and complaint mechanisms and better social security provisions for all mobile and migrant workers. EFFAT also advocates for a new inclusive vision on migration and calls for protective measures for undocumented workers who are often unable to report any violation of their rights without risking deportation.

During the Executive Committee meeting, EFFAT affiliates had also the opportunity to exchange with Cosmin Boiangiu, Executive Director of the European Labour Authority, on the upcoming ELA campaign on seasonal workers.

Translated versions of the position paper on labour mobility and migration available in FR DE IT ES


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