The decision-making and executive bodies are:


The Congress is EFFAT/IUF-Europe’s highest decision-making body. It meets every five years.
The last EFFAT Congress was held in Zagreb on 6-7 November 2019.

The 2019 EFFAT Congress elected the current EFFAT President and 2 Vice-Presidents

EFFAT President:
Malin Ackholt (HRF, Sweden)

EFFAT Vice-Presidents:
Andrea Coinu (FLAI CGIL, Italy)
Pia Stalpaert (ACV-CSC, Belgium)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the highest decision-making body between Congresses. It is responsible for the internal decision making, determining policies for the representation of members’ interest with European employers, institutions, and the management of Transnational Companies (TNCs). It meets at least twice a year. It is chaired by the President and prepared by the EFFAT General Secretary.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat consists of the General Secretary, the Deputy General Secretary, and the Political Secretaries assisted by the administration, finance, and communication team. The Secretariat must ensure EFFAT-IUF representation at the European Institutional level as well the implementation of the work program adopted by the decision-making bodies.

The Sector General Assemblies

Sector Assemblies are established in the Food, Beverages, and Tobacco sector, the Agriculture sector, the Tourism sector, and for Domestic Workers. The assemblies have the power to, inter-alia, decide about their regional structure, – implement policies and decisions in the sectors, and discuss and follow-up to the sector-related issues and policies.
Three standing committees focus EFFAT’s technical and vocational/sectoral work:
– Womens’ committee (more here)
– Youth Committee (more here)
– TNC-EWCs Committee (more here)

EFFAT Statutes [EN] [FR] [DE]
Action Plan 2023-2024 [EN] [FR] [DE]
Political Framework 2020-2024 [EN] [FR] [DE]



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