Webinars for Young Trade Unionists

Our training journey to support our mission “Youth Empowerment” started in March 2020 in Sesimbra when we organised the first seminar of the year together with the ETUI.

Back then, the seminar focused on improving and strengthening cross-border cooperation between young European trade unionists, sharing of experiences and developing common values, visions and identity.

To pursue on this road, unfortunately interrupted by the pandemic and the ban on physical meetings, we met with the ETUI and found the optimal alternative to continue our training path.

This autumn, we are therefore pleased to offer a series of THREE TAILOR-MADE WEBINARS corresponding to the needs expressed by our young people. Participants will have the opportunity to dig deeper into following subjects:

o How Trade Unions are organised and coordinated at European level
o EU Institutions and the areas where workers’ voice can be heard
o Ordinary legislative procedure showing when Unions can have an influence
o Other tools available for Unions to have an influence
o Functioning of the European Social Dialogue
o Principles and use of the European Pillar of Social Rights

o Basic principles of online communication and engagement
o Existing tools and skills needed to run successful and affordable campaigns
o Analyse concrete cases of social media campaigns.

o Difference between “organising” and “servicing” Union
o Definitions of “organising” and “recruiting”
o Phases of a typical organising campaign and what changes if it has to be done mainly online?
o Online tools needed to implement an organising campaign
o Analyse examples of real organising campaigns run online.

Registrations are open to young people under 35 years but not only, any other person interested to learn more about these particularly interesting training courses are more than welcome to register!

In order to reach a high number of participants, we offer simultaneous interpretation in English, German, Spanish and Italian which can be extended to an additional language depending on language needs.

In all things, success depends on preparation. For this reason, we will send useful material and resources prior to the webinars to enable participants to read up in advance.

The official invitation is available in following languages: EN DE ES IT FR NL 

To register, please click here

Contact Priya Klinkenberg for additional information.

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