’Domestic Workers in Europe: Getting the Recognition they Deserve’. New EFFAT booklet is out!

10 years since the adoption of the ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers, EFFAT releases today a new booklet: ‘Domestic Workers in Europe: Getting the Recognition they Deserve’ [ Link]

Domestic work is a growing sector crucial for the EU economy, contributing to giving care to an ageing EU population, providing services to millions of households in Europe, creating millions of jobs, and employing millions of migrant workers.

Despite the ILO C189 adoption in 2011, to date only 8 countries in Europe have ratified the Convention. This means that out of 9.5 million domestic workers in the EU, 1/3 is still working the informal economy, unable to live in dignity, and lacking effective social security coverage.

Along with calling for prompt and global ratification and implementation of ILO C189, EFFAT has embarked on a journey aimed at giving recognition to EU domestic workers through solid EU trade union representation and a political commitment at the EU level. Over the 10 years since winning ILO C189, the domestic work sector has strengthened its recognition and has gained official representation within EFFAT.


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