EFFAT Prepares for EU Elections and Paves the Way for Congress with New Leadership candidates

Jun 4, 2024 | In the spotlight

Just days before the upcoming European Elections (6-9 June 2024), the EFFAT Executive Committee convened in Brussels on 3 and 4 June 2024.

In anticipation of these critical EU elections, EFFAT urged affiliates and all workers to participate in the voting process, emphasizing the importance of their voices in shaping the future of Europe. The Executive Committee discussed the significance of these elections as a turning point for a fairer Europe for workers.

The European elections must lay the groundwork for more equitable societies. This is essential to defend and strengthen democracy and to take a stand against the looming threat of the far right. Once again, affiliates championed the EFFAT manifesto, #CallingEU which has been endorsed and promoted in recent months.

Looking towards the upcoming 6th Congress in November in Valencia, EFFAT presented the programme, agenda, and the policy horizon.

EFFAT General Secretary, Kristjan Bragason, officially announced that he would not stand for re-election at the 6th EFFAT Congress as he was designated Acting Secretary General of the IUF from 2025, replacing Sue Longley.

As the deadline for presenting new candidates has passed, the Executive Committee has accepted the following candidates for the following roles:

  • Malin Ackholt (EFFAT President):  EFFAT President
  • Patrick Rehan (FGTB Horval): EFFAT Vice President
  • Irina Zgonec-Rožej (KŽI union – Slovenia): EFFAT Vice President
  • Enrico Somaglia (EFFAT Deputy General Secretary): EFFAT General Secretary

The candidates expressed their commitment to leading EFFAT, explained their priorities and renewed their mission to continue to advocating for workers’ rights and to strive for a fairer, more democratic Europe.