EFFAT Releases final report on joint EFFAT-CEFS Project “A transforming European sugar industry”

The joint EFFAT-CEFS Sugar project “A transforming European sugar industry. New and better jobs in a competitive, innovative and sustainable industry” tackling the future of jobs in the EU sugar sector, the greening of the economy and the intra-EU labour mobility and youth employment” has come to an end. Over the last two year social partenrs in the sugar sector have addressed the future of the sector and focused on:

  • The need for diversification of the sector in order to stay competitive
  • The need to attract a new workforce and to adapt to the workers who already have a long working life in the sector
  • The wrong perception of a potential workforce, especially young people, of the sector
  • The need to adapt working conditions and training possibilities to the ageing workforce
  • The need to ensure a just transition towards a social and environmental sustainably sugar industry

 The social partners will now:

  • Take action to maintain the viability of sugar beet farming and processing
  • Highlight the important contribution of the sugar sector to the economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • Monitor trends in general and specific skills and identify prospective skills and training needs
  • Anticipate change jointly and ensure satisfactory job conditions

The executive summary can be found here in your language: EN – FRDE – ES – IT – PL – SK – NL 

The full report can be found here: ENFR DE

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