LDC: EFFAT coordinates the establishment of a new EWC

An agreement in principle has been found for the establishment of a new European Works Council in the family owned French  transnational company LDC.

LDC is the largest poultry meat company in France and operates in Europe with production plants based in Poland, Hungary and the UK.

LDC markets its products under a number of brands, including Le Gaulois, Maître Coq,  Réghalal, Marie,Traditions d’Asie, Poule et Toque. LDC also supplies poultry to the fast food industry

The company is structured in four divisions: Upstream (livestock, cereals, feed manufacturing, breeding, eggs), Poultry Division (slaughtering, cutting, processing and marketing of poultry), Convenience food Division (production and marketing of ready-made meals, asian products, sandwiches, quiches and pizzas), International and Export Division (international presence and export of the Group’s products).

Here are the key highlights of the EWC agreement:

  1. Four Meetings Annually: The EWC will hold four meetings per year, consisting of two face-to-face plenaries and two select committee sessions conducted online.
  2. Involvement of External Experts: The EWC is entitled to be assisted by an external expert.
  3. EFFAT Presence: EFFAT will be actively involved in the EWC for an initial two-year term, with the possibility of renewal.
  4. Emphasis on Information and Consultation: The agreement prioritizes effective information and consultation processes to ensure the involvement of trade union and workers representatives in company decision making.

Commenting on the establishment of the EWC Enrico Somaglia, EFFAT Deputy General Secretary and LDC SNB Expert said: Today LDC is one of the most successful poultry companies in Europe and globally, expanding its operations across the continent. The establishment of an EWC in this group is a great news for our affiliates with membership in LDC and for the almost 25000 LDC workers in Europe. The actual limit of two years’ presence for the EFFAT representative remains a negative aspect in an agreement that overall includes positive elements. EFFAT will work to delete this limit at the next negotiation. EFFAT thanks the SNB members and LDC Management for the very positive cooperation during these months of negotiation.


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