Social Partners in the Sugar Sector Commit to a Sustainable Future through Just Transition

May 23, 2024 | Food, In the spotlight

In the face of climate change, European beet sugar sector social partners EFFAT and CEFS take a bold step towards sustainability. A positive statement, made jointly by employers and trade unions in the context of social dialogue, underscores a united commitment to addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects every aspect of beet sugar cultivation and production. Shifting weather patterns and ecological disturbances might lead to lower crop yields, increased need for water management, and more frequent pest outbreaks. These changes may pose significant economic and employment risks across the sugar supply chain.

Employers and trade unions in the sugar manufacturing industry are proactively working together to address these challenges. Through social dialogue, they are ensuring that the transition to a greener and more sustainable production is both effective and fair.

As social partners, employers and trade unions in the European sugar sector are committed to driving the greening of the sector through a just transition. To do so, we demand from the legislators the right policies, a sensible implementation of the RED III,  financial support attached to social conditionality, to match environmental and social concerns and involve the social partners in the governance of the transition.

Read EFFAT CEFS statement:


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