Domestic workers: time for a fair collective agreement for 140.000 in Belgium

Since June 2019, trade unions and employers in Belgium have been negotiating to conclude a fair collective agreement on wages and working conditions for domestic workers employed via service vouchers.

While all salaries have increased by 1.1%  in Belgium, only the domestic workers employers still categorically refuse to negotiate a pay rise worthy of the name. Yet, domestic workers are the most vulnerable workers, being among the lowest paid in Belgium and facing some of the hardest working conditions.

On Thursday 28 November ACV CSC and FGBT Horval are organizing a massive gathering to make domestic workers’ voice heard.

Together they are calling for:

  • An increase in the subsidies granted to the sector by the government
  • A slight increase in the service voucher rate
  • Full indexation of the exchange value

#We won’t give up!
Under the slogan “We won’t give up!” ACV CSC has initiated a  massive campaign \ to promptly recognise domestic workers the wage increase they deserve.

EFFAT supports the campaign and urges all affiliates to take part in the action on social media using the following material:

– Visual
Please find here below the campaign poster logo
Facebook cover FR
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Poster NL
Poster FR

to increase the online visibility of the campaign you can print the documents yourself and share as many pictures as possible on social media


– Petition Form
If you think that domestic workers need a pay rise, then please sign the petition

-Social Media
Facebook page ACV-CSC: Link

Facebook page FGTB Horval: Link 

Twitter ACV-CSC: @La_CSC (FR) | @ACV_VD (NL)
Twitter FGTB Horval: @FGTB_Horval (FR) @ABVVFGTBHORVAL (NL)