Ending the use of glyphosate and building a more sustainable agriculture

Jul 7, 2021 | Publications

At the June 2021 Executve meeting, EFFAT adopted its position on the use of Glyphosate (EN)

Protecting agri-workers’ health is EFFAT’s number one priority.  EFFAT calls for an immediate ban on glyphosate in the renewal process, which ends in 2022. EFFAT also calls for more investments in the promotion of alternatives to the use of glyphosate and other harmful pesticides and urges a clear governance in charge of a smooth transition with the involvement of Trade Unions. Existing jobs must be protected and new quality ones created.

The newly adopted position on the issue responds to EFFAT’s commitment to a more sustainable agriculture which underpins, inter alia, free trade agreements with binding requirement to respect highest environmental and social standards, investments in workers’ skills, social protection and research and development towards sustainable pest management.

Translated versions of the position paper on Glyphosate are available here in FR DE IT NL 

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