Season@Work: The gateway to your rights, directly on the field.

Are you a migrant or seasonal worker in European agriculture?

Discover Season@Work – the ultimate app and website designed to empower thousands of European farm workers with essential information on their rights and access to national agricultural trade unions for practical assistance.

What Season@Work offers:

  • Rights in Your Language: Season@Work provides information in 11 different languages, making sure you get the knowledge you need in your mother tongue.
  • Support Across 8 Countries: We cater to workers in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Connect with Unions: Gain direct access to national agricultural trade unions for assistance with everyday matters.
  • Empowerment and Inclusion: The platform fosters communication and support for the most vulnerable and isolated groups among European farm workers.


Why Season@Work Matters:

European agriculture relies on approximately 10 million workers, including 4 million temporary migrant and seasonal workers. Despite their critical role, many of them face vulnerability, isolation, and discrimination due to the unique challenges of their work.

Get Started with Season@Work:

Download the App: Find Season@Work on  App Store and Google Play.

Visit Our Website: Explore further resources and information at

Witness the Launch: Watch the video of the Season@Work launch event.

Quick Access: Scan the QR code for instant access.


Language Postcards:

Download our postcards in

  • English (12)
  • Romanian (12)
  • Bulgarian (12)
  • Polish (12)
  • Arabic (12)
  • French (12)
  • Spanish (12)

Join us in building a stronger, more informed, and inclusive farm workforce in Europe!


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