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Gender equality is a fundamental right and one of the European Union’s founding principles. Achieving gender equality is a shared responsibility of both men and women and remains a major challenge for EFFAT. Full, equal participation of women and men at all levels at work, in trade unions, and civil society is a vital factor for democracy and welfare in the workplace and society. EFFAT will continue to fight for the gender pay gap’s elimination, a better work-life balance, and the proportional representation of men and women in all fields and at all levels. EFFAT will ensure that equal opportunities and the gender perspective are considered in all areas of EFFAT policymaking.

The EFFAT Women’s Committee comprises national affiliates’ experts working in the field of gender equality.

The Women’s Committee, meeting at least once a year, exchanges information on the situation of gender equality in Europe, adopts positions on issues relating to equality between men and women, monitors the respect of rules for gender-balanced participation in EFFAT decision-making bodies, and advocates for the implementation of gender mainstreaming in all EFFAT policies.

At the last EFFAT Congress in November 2019, the Women's Conference confirmed the new EFFAT Women's Committee leadership.
Suzann Dräther (NGG, Germany) was elected Chair.
Margot Sastre (CCOO Industria, Spain), and Debi Bell (UNITE the Union, UK) were elected Vice-Chairs.

The Women's Conference also agreed that participation in meetings and projects in the field of gender equality shall be open to all interested member organisations.

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