The EFFAT Youth Committee is an integral part of EFFAT as it is laid down in the EFFAT Statutes. It is made up of youth representatives from EFFAT affiliates. It organises its activities in the framework of the EFFAT agenda. The Youth Committee’s main tasks are inter alia: organising young workers, promoting youth employment and quality jobs, organising youth members within trade unions structures, and supporting the youth structure’s work within EFFAT. EFFAT Youth’s operation and activities are defined by the EFFAT Youth Committee, which meets at least once a year; and the Youth Bureau which is composed of 6 elected members.

At the last EFFAT Congress, the Youth Conference elected Ivan Blažević (STUH, Croatia) as President and Aybüke Bengu Özmutaf (ÖZ GIDA-İŞ, Turkey) as Vice-President. The second Vice-President is to be newly elected in the Autumn. 

The Youth Bureau’s other members are: Fernando Blandón Carmona (NGG, Germany), Eva Mitchell (SIPTU, Ireland), and Karen Zelderloo ( ACV-CSC, Belgium)

Webinars for Young Trade Unionists

Webinars for Young Trade Unionists

Our training journey to support our mission "Youth Empowerment" started in March 2020 in Sesimbra when we organised the first seminar of the year together with the ETUI. Back then, the seminar focused on improving and strengthening cross-border cooperation between...

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