#COVID-19 EMERGENCY | Impact on EFFAT sectors and best practices from the affiliates

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EFFAT initiatives

Press releases

  • EFFAT Reaction on COVID-19 outbreak | Link
  • #COVID -19 | A social emergency for millions of precarious workers in Europe | Link

 EFFAT Letters to the European Commission 

  • COVID-19 Outbreak, workers in agriculture and food production deserve better protection [24 March 2020, Link]
  • EFFAT Letter to EU institutions: Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic – time to prepare for a more sustainable and socially responsible tourism [5 May 2020, Link ]

EFFAT Demands and Publications related to COVID-19 

  • EFFAT Orientation paper relaunching and rethinking tourism 2020 [ 3 July 2020, Link ]

 Social Dialogue: Joint statements with Employers

  • Joint EFFAT – FDE | Food and drink trade unions and industry call for worker support [ 25 march 2020| Link]
  • Sugar Beet Initiative – COVID-19 and the EU Beet Sugar Sector [ 20 March 2020 | Link ]
  • Social partners of the European Horeca sector recommend companies and employees to act responsibly, and call upon public authorities for support measures during and after the COVID-19 outbreak [11 March 2020 | Link ]
  • EFFAT – EFFE – EFSI – UNI-Europa Joint Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Personal & Household Services (PHS) [ 01 April 2020 | Link ]
  • Joint FoodDrinkEurope-EFFAT Guidelines to protect the health and safety of workers in food business during COVID-19 outbreak [ 09 April 2020 | EN ES | FR | DE | HR | NL ]
  • Joint EFFAT – Hotrec Roadmap towards lifting COVID-19 contaiment measures [ 27 April 2020 | Link ]
  • Joint EFFAT – FDE – HOTREC – FSE statement : Urgent support needed for hospitality-tourism sector in COVID-19 crisis [ 12 May 2020 | Link]
  • Joint EFFAT – GEOPA COPA declaration on the deployment of seasonal workers from EU countries in the EU [ 15 May 2020 | Link]
  • Joint EFFAT – FDE – Geopa statement : Only healthy workers can feed Europe [ 5 December 2020 | Link ]

Other Joint Initiatives

  • European Tourism Manifesto: European Tourism Sector demand measures to mitigate COVID-19 impact
    [17 March 2020 | Link ]
  • Joint Statement Farm Workers – Without rights for agri-food workers, Europe’s food supplies rest on shaky ground.
    [16 April 2020 | Link ]
  • ETUC Briefing Note – National measures targeting seasonal workers to address labour shortages (particularly in the Agriculture sector) [ 12 June 2020 | Link ]

Recommendations to TNC – EWC Coordinators 

  • EFFAT Recommendations [ 20 March 2020 | EN | FR | DE | ]
  • EFFAT – ETUF Joint Recommendations – Anticipating and managing the impact of COVID-19 in multinational companies [ March 2020 | EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL | SV | PL | CZ  ]
  • EFFAT – ETUF Joint Recommendations – How to deal with EWC/SE negotiations during the COVID-19 crisis [ Avril 2020 | EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL | SV | CZ  ]
  • EFFAT – ETUF Joint Recommendations – Temporary arrangements for transnational meetings during the COVID-19 crisis [ October 2020 | CZ | DE EN ES FR | IT | NL | SV ]


Please access a list compiled by the ETUC outlining Tripartite and bipartite social partners agreements and other governmental measures adopted to deal with the challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • IUF | Coronavirus: lessons from a pandemic | Link
  • IUF | Information and updates from affiliates | Link
  • IUF | Recognition of COVID-19 as an occupational disease | Link 
  • IUF | Sectoral Demands – Agriculture Food and Beverages Hotels Equality Fast Food 
  • IUF Asia / Pacific | Basic Principles of protection against COVID-19 | Link 
  • IUF Asia / Pacific | Our right to a safe workplace – COVID-19 Occupational disease | Link 

National initiatives relevant for the EFFAT Sectors

Here below you can find a list of country fact sheets outlining relevant information concerning the impact of COVID-19 in the EFFAT Sectors. You will also find measures adopted at national and sectoral level concerning workers in our sectors.


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Please click here
Food Industry Sector Guide EN | FR | ES | NL

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Changes to collective agreements due to the coronavirus

Please click here
Plan de continuité d’activité face à l’épidemie Coronavirus 
Guide d’aide à la préparation au déconfinement et ou à la reprise d’activité pour les entreprises alimentaires

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Please click here for the National Fact Sheet 
CEHAT, CCOO and UGT Joint agreement – ERTES 
Protocol and guide to good protection and prevention of workers in the food sector. 

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Please click here for the National Fact Sheet 
Statement by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), Unite, Usdaw, BFAWU and GMB 

Measures adopted at company level

We are currently collecting information about measures adopted in Transnational companies (with an overview of the measures adopted in each country where the TNC operates) as well as site level protocols and agreements signed with our affiliates in specific companies at national level.
You will find many of these agreements signed at national company level by clicking on the companies listed below with active link.  Please note that for confidentiality reasons we are not able to publish all the information we have gathered.
Below a preliminary list of companies:

Transnational Companies (overview measures taken in each of the country where the Company operate)
Food Drink Tobacco:
Danone | Communication to all Danone Employees EN / FR | Activity Management Agreement |
Kraft Heinz | FR | ES | IT Schreiber | CZ | ESP  Arla
Compass, Club Med Current sitatuion 

National Company level. Please click on the name of each company to download the relevant information. 

Barilla Bakery, Ferrero Alba, Saiwa Alessandria ZueggCampari ,Centrale del Latte Rapallo, Granarolo SolieraBirra PeroniParmareggioGrandi Salumifici Italiani , Suincom , Barry CallebautNestléSan Pellegrino, Avi Coop , Lactalis , GranaroloNestlè-S.Pellegrino 1 April verbale di accordo, Nestlè-S.Pellegrino 1 April verbale di incontro 

Coca Cola,Heineken, JD Egberts, PepsiCo, Hovis, Cadburry, Marston’s, Princes Foods, Pladis Jacobs MacVittie | Link for an overview

Arla, Danish Crown | Link 

British American Tobacco | Link
Short time arrangements at Coca Cola EP Germany | EN | ES | NL |

This list is a work in progress; please ask the Secretariat if you want more information about any specific company.