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EFFAT calls for Violence and Harassment Free Zones at work, at home, everywhere

Nov 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women EFFAT joins the international organisations IUF and ETUC calling all governments to follow the leadership of France, Greece and Italy and to ratify the ILO C190 as a matter of urgency.

Following the pandemic, the number of reported incidents of violence against women spiked up significantly, including in violence towards frontline women workers as well as domestic violence and online harassment facilitated by intrusive surveillance software being used by some companies.

Alongside, the EU institutions are significantly delaying important measures to tackle gender-based violence despite a rise in the number of attacks, trade unions are warning on the international day for the elimination of violence against women.

  • The European Commission was due to present proposals to “prevent and combat specific forms of gender-based violence” on December 8 but they disappeared from the Commission’s agenda last week. It has now been six months since the Commission’s consultation on the issue closed.
  • EU accession to the Istanbul Convention on violence against women began in 2015 but also remains blockedin the European Council despite a European Court of Justice ruling in October that the EU is not required to wait for the completion of the ratification by all member states.
  • The EU Council is delaying member states’ ratifying the ILO Convention on eliminating violence and harassment at work by saying it will issue legal advice on ratification – which ETUC considers to be unnecessary – while also taking an age to give the legal opinion.

EFFAT has called on relevant authorities to address widespread sexual harassment and violence for many years, including in the workplace – and published its zero-tolerance recommendations for trade unions last year”, available in 10 languages. The document should inspire member organisations to take further actions, stemming, inter alia, from the sectoral social dialogue agenda. A mid-term review of the implementation of the recommendations is planned for 2022.

EFFAT affiliates  are organising activities in support pf workplaces free from harassment and violence all around Europe.


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