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CAP reform: The inclusion of social conditionality in today’s political deal is a great trade union victory.

Jun 25, 2021 | Agriculture, Press release

Brussels, 25 June 2021 – Co-legislators struck a political deal on the next reform of the Common Agricultural Policy following yesterday and today’s Jumbo trilogue.

For the first time in history, EU Institutions have agreed on a CAP reform that takes into account the conditions of millions of agricultural workers in Europe.

Commenting on the outcome of the Jumbo trilogue Kristjan Bragason, EFFAT General Secretary, said: ‘Today’s agreement on CAP is a great news for all farm workers in Europe. EFFAT’s demand for social conditionality seemed to be hopeless months ago. Only thanks to the support and mobilisation of our affiliates and our allies it was finally possible to achieve a CAP that will help in counteracting workers’ rights violation. We now call on agricultural ministers to confirm the deal at the AgriFish Council meeting taking place next week”.

At the same time, EFFAT regrets to see that, because of the opposition of the Council, Member States will start the implementation of social conditionality voluntarily from 2023 (entry into force of the next reform) and mandatorily from January 2025. We will work hard with our affiliates to speed up the process of implementation of social conditionality in each and every Member States to ensure it becomes applicable everywhere in 2023.

Together with the crucial inclusion of a social conditionality mechanism, other important social elements are now part of the deal:

  • Farm advisory services will have to provide information to farmers on working conditions and on information to be provided to workers.
  • Member States would also have the opportunity to promote the improvement of working and employment conditons as part of their sectoral interventions.

As always, important elements and key wording will still be discussed in technical meetings. EFFAT will therefore remain vigilant till the end of the negotiations to ensure the achievements reached through political deal today will not be watered down.

Concerning the green architecture of CAP, EFFAT would have welcomed a stronger link between CAP and the ambitious environmental objectives of the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Today’s political deal is an important signs to millions of European tax payers and a decisive step in the right direction towards a more just and fairer agriculture in Europe.

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