EU Action Week for Seasonal Workers: EFFAT mobilises to put seasonal workers in the spotlight

Sep 20, 2021 | Agriculture

In the framework of the European Labour Authority (ELA)’s campaign Rights for all seasons”, EFFAT takes part in the Week of Action on Seasonal Work between 20 and 24 September.

Throughout the week, an array of events and activities taking place across the EU between 20 and 24 September will raise awareness of seasonal workers’ rights and employers’ obligations.

On 23 September,  EFFAT will host the seminar ‘Cooperation creates Solutions’. The event will bring together trade unions and seasonal workers associations to showcase their cooperation and joint efforts to improve working and living conditions of seasonal workers.

In a 3-hours online afternoon session trade unions and associations working on the field will draw a picture of the current situation of seasonal workers in Europe and outline future challenges especially in the context of Covid-19 and the post 2020 CAP reform.

EFFAT commitment to shining a light on the working condition of seasonal workers in Europe will be reflected in many initiatives on the ground.

Some of the plans include:

On 20 September Ministry of Work and Social Economy in partnership with ELA, CCOO de Industria, FICA-UGT, ASAJA, COAG, UPA, SEPE will organise a webinar on seasonal workers conditions.

On 21 September FLAI-CGIL will organise a visit to a farm in the area of Foggia (Puglia) employing Roumanian seasonal workers and will organize a trade union assembly

On 22 September 2021, the Polish Ministry for Economy will organise a seminar to frame conditions for Seasonal workers in Germany

On 22 September the Servicestelle Arbeitnehmerfreizügigkeit (the Service point for free movement of workers Hamburg) will organise an Info Day on seasonal workers in Hamburg in collaboration with Faire Integration Hamburg
On 22 September IGBAU will carry out an info-day in Brandenburg in cooperation with PECO institute, Arbeit und Leben
IGBAU will carry out other filed actions in cooperation with the ️European Migrant Workers Union (EMWU)

All the above initiatives are part of the information campaign ‘Rights for all seasons’ and draws the attention to the need to promote fair and safe conditions for seasonal workers through events and activities on the ground.

Should you want to join the conversation, follow our social media accounts and use: #Rights4AllSeasons #EU4FairWork

 EU Week for Seasonal Workers  – Article on ELA website


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