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Failure of CAP trilogue negotiations is a missed opportunity. EFFAT’s fight for a CAP that delivers for farm workers continues

May 28, 2021 | Agriculture, Press release

Brussels, 28 May 2025 – EFFAT welcomes the progress made during this week’s trilogue negotiations on social aspects. However, more must be done to deliver an effective social conditionality mechanism, broad in scope, through which CAP could finally uphold the respect for farm workers’ rights.

We call on co-legislators and the Commission to keep a constructive approach and to strike a deal in June that delivers both for the environment and for more than 10 million agricultural workers in Europe. EFFAT insists that a truly sustainable CAP can only be achieved through the inclusion of an ambitious social conditionality mechanism which should immediately enter into force.

Social conditionality is the answer millions of farm workers in Europe urgently expect after all the hardships they always faced, particularly throughout the pandemic.



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