#MeatTheStandards | Approaching the Mid-Term Conference: Towards a Fair Meat Sector

Jan 8, 2024 | Food

On 16 January 16 2024, EFFAT will host the Mid-Term Conference of the #MeatTheStandards projects. This event stands as a cornerstone in EFFAT’s ongoing dialogue to enhance public and institutional awareness regarding working conditions in the meat sector.

In the past year, #MeatTheStandards has taken us on a European journey, commencing in Dublin and extending to Madrid and Bratislava. In each location and workshop EFFAT, its affiliates, and experts delved into key challenges within the sector.

In Dublin in December 2022, our focus was on the threads of collective bargaining within the sector. We acquainted ourselves with the strategies employed by trade unions across various countries.

Moving to Madrid in April 2023, our attention shifted to the critical theme of migration and its impact on organizing within the meat sector. The workshop became a key platform for the exchange of ideas, examples, and strategies as we explored how trade unions adapt to the evolving composition of the workforce and the challenges and solutions that arise in this context.

Bratislava, September 2023: we addressed multiple abusive labour practices in the meat sector, including unregulated subcontracting, intermediaries, and the scarcity of labour inspections. The workshop shed light on cross-border inspections and concrete cases in the meat sector, providing key insights into situations in Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, and Belgium.

Next week we’ll extend an invitation to policymakers and affiliates to contribute with their voices, ideas, and hopefully policy solutions to draw the path towards a very much-needed change in the meat sector.

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