EFFAT expresses firm opposition to the military coup in Myanmar

Feb 22, 2021 | In the spotlight

Along with trade unions all over the world, EFFAT expresses its firm opposition to the civil society restrictions as well as the military action ongoing in Myanmar and calls for the immediate release of the detained to restore rule of law, respect human rights, and uphold democracy and fundamental freedoms.

In line with the positions and demands of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), and along the ETUC (see statement), EFFAT calls for coordinated actions from the European Union and its member states, to support democratic institutions to the benefit of the people of Myanmar.

Furthermore, EFFAT expresses solidarity to its sister IUF regional Asia/Pacific organisation protecting the workers in the agri-food and tourism sectors in Myanmar. EFFAT recalls how a vast network of military-owned businesses* in mining, plantations, sugar mills, beverage manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, banking, insurance, airlines, hotels, and entertainment has fuelled the country’s military coup.

EFFAT, along with the IUF, calls for the financial isolation of the military, its businesses, and the crony companies as well as an arms embargo to support the Myanmar people in their struggle to end military rule and restore the path to democracy.

IUF AP articles:

*A UN report identified 45 ‘crony companies and organisations’ in Myanmar that donated more than USD 10 million to support the military’s clearance operations in Rakhine State in 2017. These same companies financed development projects in Rakhine State in mining and infrastructure that furthered the military’s “objective of re-engineering the region in a way that erases evidence of Rohingya belonging to Myanmar.

The report listed over 120 companies owned directly and indirectly by the military for the first time. It also listed dozens of local and foreign companies doing business with them – companies effectively financing the military’s impunity for crimes against humanity.