EFFAT joins European mobilisation against Austerity

Oct 13, 2023 | In the spotlight

Today 13 October 2023, EFFAT joins the European Trade Unions movement in Paris as part of On the Road for a Fair Deal For Workers to express workers’ concerns about the looming possibility of a return to EU austerity policies.

As per the European Commission’s recent economic rule proposals, EU member states with a public deficit exceeding 3% or a debt-to GDP ration above 60% will be obliged to decrease their budget deficit by at least 0.5% of GDP, annually. This would necessitate that 14 EU member states reduce their expenditures by a minimum of €45 billion next year or find equivalent funding through increased taxation.

Kristjan Bragason, EFFAT General Secretary said: ‘We’re united within the broader trade union movement to call for a new progressive economic model that truly serves the interests of working individuals. This model should move away from austerity and low-wage conditions, and instead, advocate for investments in public services and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities backed by collective bargaining’.


‘Workers in agriculture, food processing, tourism and domestic work are among the hardest hit by the inflation and the current crisis – said Enrico Somaglia, EFFAT Deputy Secretary General; ‘We’re here in Paris today to join the European trade union movement and demand dignified wages, a better redistribution of wealth, public aid to businesses linked to social conditionality’.

The mobilisation was called by eight French union organizations and forms part of the broader Stop Austerity 2.0 campaign and of a series of initiatives  focused on shaping a more equitable future for workers throughout Europe.



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