EFFAT supports the ETUC Manifesto, Delivering a Fair Deal for Workers

Nov 15, 2023 | In the spotlight

As the 2024 European Parliament elections approach next year, EFFAT mobilised to support the European Trade Union Confederation’s #WorkersManifesto launch at the European Parliament today. EFFAT’s presence underscores our commitment to a Europe that remains on a path of social progress and solidarity with an agenda that prioritizes the rights and interests of workers in crucial sectors including food, agriculture, tourism, and domestic work.

The “ETUC Manifesto for the European Elections 2024,” lays out a vision for the next five years and calls for a fairer and more social Europe that supports working people, secures jobs, ensures decent pay, promotes women’s rights and equality, strengthens workers’ rights, and fosters collective bargaining and social dialogue.

Ahead of the next milestone elections, EFFAT demands align seamlessly with the goals outlined by the ETUC.

Approved by the last Executive Committee meeting,  EFFAT resolution Fighting for a Better Europe for Workers,”, offers concrete proposals to address these challenges including:

1: The need to tackle abusive subcontracting and regulate labour intermediation.
2: The call for a robust framework of protection for domestic workers in Europe,
3: The commitment to delivering a just transition that benefits working people in its sectors as an opportunity to create more and better jobs with stable employment, fair pay, and advanced working conditions.
4: The urge to include stronger social elements in the upcoming CAP reform in 2027.

5: The launch of the Sustainable Food System initiative, shifting away from shareholder value maximization in the food system

At the launch, Enrico Somaglia, EFFAT Deputy Secretary General took the floor and said:  “EFFAT commits to aligning its actions with those planned by the ETUC, reinforcing the collective effort to bring about positive change in European policies impacting workers. Together we are part of a united trade union front advocating for fairness, equality and social rights in Europe”

ETUC Manifesto