European social partners in agriculture urge to ratify ILO #C184

European social partners in agriculture EFFAT and GEOPA-COPA, representing the interests of workers and employers in the sector,  spoke with one voice on the need to work together towards the ratification of the ILO Convention 184 on safety and health in agriculture in all EU Member States.

Adopted in 2001, C184 includes a set of basic provisions guiding national authorities on how to improve occupational health and safety in this sector at risk. However, to date, only 7 European Member States (Sweden, Portugal, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Finland) have ratified the convention with Germany planning to finalise the process during the legislative term.

EFFAT strongly believes that safeguarding agri-workers’ health and safety in every work-related aspect in the sector should be addressed and supported by each EU Member State. National authorities shall ensure that all workers in the sector experience equal treatment, decent working and employment conditions in full safety, and have their fundamental social rights met.

During the Social Dialogue meeting, EFFAT also seized the occasion to address the particular needs of migrant seasonal agri-workers.

The statement also highlights the pivotal role social dialogue plays in guaranteeing fair and sustainable working conditions in European agriculture. Therefore, the social partners reiterated their call on the European and national authorities to decisively support the operational and financial capacity of the social partners and the promotion of social dialogue in the sector.

Full Joint Statement here and enclosed

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