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EFFAT Executive Committee unanimously adopts 10 demands for action at EU level to cure the meat sector

Whether employed through abusive subcontracting practices, as temporary agency workers, posted workers or forced to accept bogus self-employed status, the working, housing and employment conditions of a vast proportion of meat workers  all over Europe are simply deplorable.
These appalling conditions have been ignored far too long. EFFAT sees the Covid19 crisis and the outbreaks in the slaughterhouses and meat processing companies as a wake-up call for the EU Institutions.

On 10 September, the EFFAT Executive Committee raised a strong united voice against the long standing and systemic exploitation in the sector, adopting 10 demands for action at EU level to reform the meat sector. The EU needs to act now, as the critical conditions faced by meat workers are also a consequence of the loopholes, shortcomings and inconsistencies of many areas of EU law.

EFFAT is setting out a new long-term vision to be developed with the full involvement of social partners on national and European level.
Here the first three action points of the EFFAT recipe for change on EU level in the meat sector:

  1. Binding EU initiatives
    1. on subcontracting – leading to direct employment and introducing a system of full chain liability
    2. on decent housing for all mobile workers
  2. Urgent introduction of a European Social Security Number and the prompt revision of Regulation 883/2004 on social security coordination

For all ten demands and further details, please continue to read here EN FR DE ES IT NL | DA |
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