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McDonalds’ workers speak out at European Parliament about corporate violence and abuse

Oct 4, 2022 | In the spotlight

On 7 September 202, four former young McDonalds’ workers featured in dedicated hearing in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Manon Aubry (FR, The Left) and Maria Noichl (DE, S&D).

They spoke out about the corporation’s global and systemic malpractice of sexual harassment and violence at the workplace. Their testimonies showed how McDonalds’ corporate culture of abuse, union busting, and exploitation is a truly global and endemic scourge, a practice that won’t end until policy tools are in place to end impunity.

At the hearing. a coalition of trade unions, EFFAT, SEIU and IUF advanced key demands calling EU institutions including the European Parliament to end impunity and adopt a stronger and ambitious Due Diligence Directive covering companies operating through franchise system.

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