Demanding an EU-wide ban on the export of pesticides banned in Europe

To protect Europeans’ health and the environment, the EU has banned or severely restricted the use of many hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, this European Commission and its commitment in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability to protect people’s health and the environment and put an end to its export of hazardous chemicals and pesticides that are already banned in Europe. 

But despite this promise, the EC made no plans to amend the EU regulation that governs the export of some of its hazardous chemicals (PIC) in 2023 which, as it is, allows the EU to sell toxic pesticides to countries outside the region. This toxic practice contaminates the food systems and the environment of communities in other parts of the world and has negative effects on their health.

CSOs Joint statement and citizens’ petition

EFFAT along with 325 trade unions and NGOs from across the world demand in a joint statement an immediate ban on the EU’s exports of toxic pesticides that endanger people and the environment in other parts of the world. 

At the same time, more than 200,000 concerned citizens have signed a petition asking the EU’s Environment, Oceans & Fisheries Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius to stop Europe’s deadly exports without further delay.

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