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International day of action 

Today, November 17, is the global fast food day of action.

Far to long global fast food corporations have not taken their responsibility.
Hundreds and hundreds of workers across the world have testified of cases of sexual harassment and gender based violence. Far to often, their testimonies are met with silence. Many of our affiliates, and other unions across the world, have witnessed how widespread this problem actually is, and how similar the workers stories are across the world.

The Fast food sector across the world are riddled with precarious working conditions, and has a generally young workforce, and also employ a large amount of migrants or minorities or other vulnerable groups on the labour market.
All of these factors combined with corporations who push for low labour costs, and often have a strong hierarchy creates an environment that allows sexual harassment to happened. It’s time for the global fast food corporations to take responsibility for what happened in their restaurants.

Today on the global fast food day of action, the IUF arranges a livestream of workers and unions representatives speaking about their experiences of the issue, and how to fight it.
Follow it live on https://www.facebook.com/IUFglobal at 08.00, 13.00 and 18.00 UTC.

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