EFFAT joins thousands of workers in Brussels: #TogetherAgainstAusterity

Today, EFFAT joins thousands of workers, its affiliates, and the whole European trade union movement on the streets of Brussels to oppose attempts to impose austerity at the EU level and demand better wages and conditions for workers in Europe.

Together we demand:

  • No return to austerity.
  • Investment in sustainable and direct jobs with good wages.
  • No public subsidies without social conditionality.
  • A fairer economy for all

The demonstration, called by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), is part of a wider campaign for a ‘A Fair Deal for Workers’ and comes as Ministers and MEPs negotiate a reform of the EU’s economic governance rules. Under the current draft proposal, 14 member states will be forced to cut €45 billion from their budgets next year alone, according to ETUC calculations based on European Commission data.

This is a dangerous plan that could undermine the very things that allow our societies to flourish: education, investment in jobs, and public services.

We cannot allow those trying to return Europe to strict austerity to succeed. European Trade Unions stay firmly against the further dismantlement of our social model. We will keep fighting against the cost-of-living crisis, against inequalities, and for a Europe that truly delivers for working people.

Sign the Petition Stop Austerity 2.0 here