Unprecedent actions are needed to prevent the terrifying prospect of a global food crisis

EFFAT Resolution adopted at the EFFAT Executive Committee on 14 June 2022

Ukrainian people are paying the highest price of the brutal Kremlin’s invasion with thousands of lives lost, entire families divided and the destruction of their homes and cities. In the rest of Europe, the consequences are called inflation, increased inequality, instability, and the potential loss of many jobs, especially in the most exposed economic sectors, including the EFFAT ones. But this war has also dramatic consequences outside the European continent. In food deficit regions such as the Middle East, North Africa, and sub-Saharan countries the war is pushing millions of people into a hunger crisis, which may lead to social unrest, forced migration, famine and death.

All efforts must be placed on the search of a peaceful solution of the conflict. In the meanwhile, concrete measures are needed to save jobs and to support the most vulnerable populations and households.

The EFFAT Executive Committee gathered in Vienna on 13-14 June has discussed and adopted a resolution which proposes key actions to prevent a food security and food affordability crisis.

The proposed actions are addressed to the EU Institutions and European governments:

  1. Prevent food shortages in Ukraine and in food deficit countries and support domestic food production
  2. End food commodities speculation
  3. Support households and workers with rising food and energy prices
  4. Learn the lessons, rethink the European agro-food sector
  5. Preventing negative consequences on jobs and working conditions in the agro-food sector

Download the EFFAT Resolution here

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