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With financial support from the EU Commission, EFFAT carried out the project “Fighting sexual harassment and violence at work in the agriculture, food, tourism and domestic work sectors”. The project helped to increase knowledge about the scope of sexual harassment and violence at the workplace in the EFFAT sectors and to collect information about policies and activities of national member organisations to fight sexual harassment and violence.

The findings of the project and the references to good practices in the final report, as well as the “EFFAT recommendations to protect workers from sexual harassment and violence” should serve as inspiration and guidance for trade unions towards a more profound understanding of the problems and ways to address them.

Furthermore, the results of the project shall be taken up in the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees (SSDC) with employers’ associations and the European Works Councils (EWC) of Transnational Companies in the EFFAT sectors.

Project period: 2019-2021
Link: https://effat.org/zero-tolerance/


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