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September 24


09:00 am - 12:30 pm

Event Category:


INVITATION: 24/9/2020 EFFAT-HOTREC SSDC Steering Committee meeting – via Microsoft Teams (pre meeting) and Web-Ex (joint meeting)

  • To the members of the EFFAT-HOTREC SSDC Steering Committee
  • For information: To all EFFAT member organisations in the tourism sector

Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to invite the members of the EFFAT-HOTREC SSDC Steering Committee to the 1st online Steering Committee meeting, which will take place on Thursday, 24 September 2020.

The meeting’s working language will be English, no interpretation will be provided.

Please confirm your participation before 1 September 2020, by sending an e-mail to the EFFAT Secretariat [email protected]. Although this will be a videoconference meeting, EFFAT still has to generate the list of participants in due time and to submit it, via AGM, to the European Commission for validation.

Main items on the agenda will be:

  1. COVID-19 and the hotel & restaurant sector
  2. Qualification & training
  3. Plenary meeting 2020 (scheduled for 27 November 2020)
  4. Other items on the EFFAT-HOTREC Work Programme 2020-2021

The pre-meeting will be organised in Teams (see link below). If you confirm that you will be attending, the meeting will be saved automatically in your Outlook calendar, together with the link. If you haven’t used Teams before, you will be prompted to install the free 365 Microsoft Office tool “Teams”. Please install well in advance of the meeting.

Open the link hereunder and click “join” the meeting. The online meeting platform will be open 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, so we can assist everyone to obtain access, allowing us to start the meeting in time.

Click link: Join EFFAT preparatory meeting Microsoft Teams

JOINT EFFAT-HOTREC MEETING (10.30 am to 12.30 pm):

The joint EFFAT-HOTREC meeting is accessible via WebEX. This is a conferencing system set up and organised by the European Commission. No registration is needed, just click on the link in the EC Invitation attached or on the link / icon hereunder and a window opens up in your browser (Chrome works well).

Click link: Join EFFAT-HOTREC Joint meeting Web-EX : https://ecwacs.webex.com/webappng/sites/ecwacs/meeting/info/168178746857102434?MTID=m0d563823a2817020c04d397c91915839

On the day of the meeting you will be able to click the button “Join meeting” and you should be automatically connected to the meeting.

Meeting Etiquette:

To help the meeting run as smoothly as possible, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Please check your equipment (in particular your camera/micro) before the actual meeting
  • Connect in time for the meeting (waiting room accessible 15 minutes before the start of the meeting)
  • Choose a quiet working place
  • Only switch on your microphone when you are actually speaking (to prevent annoying background noise)
  • Do not interrupt a person who is taking the floor
  • limit your interventions to necessary, clear (and short) messages
  • If you wish to speak, ask the floor through the chat function before you say anything. The Chairman will then give you the floor
  • If possible, please use an external headset and microphone
  • Please avoid direct (day) light in your back

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EFFAT Secretariat.

With kind regards,


WORKING DOCUMENTS : 24/9/2020 EFFAT-HOTREC SSDC Steering Committee meeting – via Microsoft Teams (pre meeting) and Web-Ex (joint meeting)

  • To the participants of the meeting

Dear colleagues,

We hereby thank you all for your broad interest in the EFFAT-HOTREC SSDC Steering Committee meeting on 24 September 2020!
Please note that the working language of the SSDC SC meeting is ENGLISH (the European Commission does not offer any interpretation facilities).
The time schedule of the Steering Committee meeting is quite tight: 1 hour EFFAT preparatory meeting – 2 hours joint EFFAT-HOTREC meeting.
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the agenda items and to prepare the SSDC Horeca plenary meeting in November 2020.
This means that we will not have time for country reports, and not everybody will have the chance to intervene.

The working documents are available hereunder.

Kind regards,