AB InBev workers in Europe and worldwide mobilise to save jobs and historic brands.

Coordinated by the European Federation of Food Agriculture and Tourism Trade unions (EFFAT) and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations, (IUF), the European Trade Unions within AB InBev join forces and take action to defend their jobs and say NO to the continued shareholder value maximisation pursued by corporate management at the detriment of workers’ rights and investments in historical brands.

Despite an extremely positive financial outlook with growing profitability and strong cash generation AB InBev keeps axing jobs across Europe. While shareholders and members of senior management continue to increase their profits and bonus payments (one billion US dollars Share Buyback Program was recently announced on 31 October 2023), AB InBev workers see their purchasing power sink and unions struggle to win decent pay rises for those that propelled AB InBev to the forefront of the global brewing industry.

The mobilisation period will bring together workers and trade unions from Belgium (CSC Alimentation et Services, ACV Puls, FGTB Horval, FGTB SETCA, CGSLB), Germany (NGG) along with other European fellow organisations in a collective effort for:

  • The Preservation of the Diebels factory in Germany and cessation of job destruction across Europe
  • The Prioritization of people over profits, with investments in local brands, health and safety, and workers’ well-being
  • The Engagement with trade unions and the unequivocal respect for workers’ rights
  • The Recognition of the pivotal role of the European Works Council

The mobilization will culminate in a joint international demonstration scheduled for 9 December at 1:00 PM in Leuven, Belgium, outside the AB InBev headquarters (see location here). Workers from all across Europe will join in to express solidarity and finally demand change

Enrico Somaglia EFFAT Deputy Secretary General commented on this collective mobilisation and said: ‘Workers at AB InBev demand a radical change. Despite a positive financial outlook, they witness the pursuit of shareholder value as the main strategy pursued by corporate management together with a radical disinvestment from local historical brands. This goes at the expenses of workers’ interests  and the future of workplaces’

IUF EFFAT Manifesto
IUF Poster