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The relaunch of tourism needs a more sustainable and socially responsible vision: A letter to the EU French Presidency

EFFAT and its French affiliates write to EU French Presidency ahead of upcoming Ministerial Conference of Tourism Ministers

14 March 2022 |  Ahead of the upcoming 17 March 2022 Informal Ministerial Conference of Tourism Ministers in Dijon, EFFAT, together with its French member organisations in the hospitality-tourism sector, CGT Commerce and Services, CFDT Services, FGTA-FO, CFTC-CSFV and CGE-CFC INOVA, sent a joint letter to the French government outlining trade union proposals for the relaunch of the hospitality sector.

To achieve the recovery of the sector and to strengthen its resilience, it is essential to rethink tourism with a more sustainable and socially responsible vision, which prioritises workers and quality employment along with stable jobs, fair wages, good working conditions through collective bargaining, a genuine work-life balance, proper vocational education and training, attractive career paths, gender equality, workplaces free from sexual harassment and violence. These are the conditions for attracting and retaining a qualified workforce.

Furthermore, the trade unions urge the EU Presidency to fully support the demands and expectations of trade unions throughout the legislative process of the main EU legislative proposals relevant to the hospitality sector, such as those on adequate minimum wages, working conditions in platform work, equal pay for women and men, and corporate sustainability due diligence, and to ensure that the upcoming EU regulation on short-term accommodation rentals will guarantee fair competition and a level-playing filed with other accommodation providers.

Finally, EFFAT and the French trade unions urge the EU French Presidency to back their demands when designing a European Agenda for Tourism 2030/2050, including making tourism a shared competency of the EU, as also requested by the European Parliament.

Letter to the EU French Presidency [FR] [EN]

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